It is the mission of NXTWAVE Music Group to create opportunities for young artists, helping them promote their creativity to connect with people through music. We strive to inspire passion, innovation, and individuality in musicians throughout their careers while also promoting a culture of support and acceptance in contemporary culture.


Welcome to NXTWAVE! 

NXTWAVE Music Group is an American artist management and events company focused on promoting and giving opportunities to young artists.

NXTWAVE was founded in June of 2018 in a high school music industry/entrepreneurship program in New York City, with members from the tri-state and D.C area. At first, the company acted predominantly as a how-to website for upcoming artists, but it later expanded into a management group for a diverse range of artists. It hosts live music events, as well.

As of 2018, NXTWAVE started a series of festival events called NXTFEST and a series of smaller acoustic, intimate concerts called SoundWAVE. 



Ava Solomon

Founder / CEO

Maggie Hall


Erika Ambrosino


Valeria Molina

Head of Events

Matt Garfinkel

Artist Management

Bridget Malone

Business Affairs 

Arie Likhtman

Business Affairs

Jack Freiser

Head of Artist Discovery